The Innovation Wheel

"How likely are you to be ‘effective’ in your innovation aspirations?"

The 5-point scale works in a heatmap where the WARM colours are problematic and the COOLER colours suggest that things are looking good. The scale starts with red where innovation is little more than corporate speak and ends with blue where things are “chilled” and where innovation is integrated across the board.

The Innnovation Wheel

The Innovation Wheel illustrates the 4 areas of focus and 3 facets to watch in each of them to effectively drive innovation in your organisation. The cooler the colours, the better your organisation is in this area and the closer you are to integrating innovation.

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The Innovation Wheel
How skilled is your organisation at generating new, feasible and valuable ideas on demand?
Pretty Weak It's a strength
To what extent are there processes and systems in place to effectively prototype, test and validate new ideas?
Adhoc Systematic
How would you qualify your organisation's ability and capacity to project manage the implementation of a new idea?
Weak Strong
How would you rate your organisation is terms of its ability to challenge assumptions, bust bias or be 'unblinkered'?
Stuck Open
To what extent is innovation owned by the entire organisation?
Siloed Integrated
How would you rate your organisation with regards to courage - to make mistakes, to take risks...?
Risk averse Fearless
To what extent is innovation an ongoing focus in the leadership?
Sporadic Constant
How would you rate the resourcing of innovation in your workplace (budget, time, spaces...)?
Restrictive Readily available
How well do you think your organisation is structured for innovation across the business? (senior sponsors, innovation leads, cross-functional teams, coaches...)
Inadequate Highly effective
What is your ability to scale up a solution across the business or into a broader market?
Adhoc Systematic
How would you rate your organisation's communication of your innovation efforts - inside and outside the organisation?
Poor Excellent
On a scale of 1-5, how well do you do at measuring and tracking your innovation efforts?
Poor Excellent